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Sustaining Contributions

Sustaining Contributions are monetary contributions made in addition to membership that support Arkansas Bar Association programs.  Funds generated by our Patrons and Benefactors will allow the Association to continue to expand the programs and resources that we make available to our members. 

Become a Sustaining Contributor

Thank you to our recent Sustaining Contributors!

Below are members that have made sustaining contributions to the Arkansas Bar Association in the last 30 days.  Thank you to each of our Patrons and Benefactors.

Allison, Mark H.Little RockBenefactor Members - Annual
Arnold, Ben F.Little RockPatron Members - Annual
Beachboard, James PaulLittle RockPatron Members - Annual
Boswell, TedBryantPatron Members - Annual
Coulter, NateLittle RockPatron Members - Annual
Gill, John P.Little RockPatron Members - Annual
Henson, Paul F.Little RockPatron Members - Annual
Hoggard, GlenNorth Little RockPatron Members - Annual
Hollingsworth, CyrilLittle RockPatron Members - Annual
Hutchins, Karen K.Little RockPatron Members - Annual
Jackson, Randolph C.Fort SmithPatron Members - Annual
Julian, JimLittle RockPatron Members - Annual
Kumpe, Peter G.Little RockPatron Members - Annual
Ligon, StarkLittle RockPatron Members - Annual
Lincoln, Charles KnoxLittle RockBenefactor Members - Annual
Mallard, Gabriel D.Little RockPatron Members - Annual
McKinney, Jerald CliffLittle RockBenefactor Members - Annual
McMenis, James E.SmackoverPatron Members - Annual
Moore, Henry ClayHoustonPatron Members - Annual
Owen, William L.Little RockBenefactor Members - Annual
Purvis, Joseph H.Little RockBenefactor Members - Annual
Skokos, Ted C.DallasBenefactor Members - Annual
Thurman, Greg A.Eureka SpringsBenefactor Members - Annual
Webb, GordonHarrisonPatron Members - Annual

Benefactors of the Arkansas Bar Association

Benefactors are members of the Arkansas Bar Association that have contributed $250 in addition to their regular membership dues.

Full NameCity
Goodner, DonaldWaldron
Ramsay, Richard L.Little Rock
Sudduth, Mary BethFort Smith

Patrons of the Arkansas Bar Association

Patrons are members of the Arkansas Bar Association that have contributed $100 in addition to their regular membership dues. 

Full NameCity
Anderson, Philip S.Little Rock
Baxter, KayNew Orleans
Bingham, Michael StephenLittle Rock
Brewer, Silas H.Walton
Caroom, Mary CatherineBentonville
Dupwe, Warren E.Jonesboro
Fendler, Frances S.Little Rock
Hatfield, Richard F.Little Rock
Henry, RosannaLittle Rock
Hixson, R. H. "Buddy"Paris
Hogue, Brian C.Fayetteville
Huckaba, FrankMountain Home
Johnson, Judith M.Little Rock
Jones, Glenn W.Little Rock
Kaplan, Philip E.Little Rock
Laser, David N.Jonesboro
Mitchell, Chalk S.West Helena
Mitchell, Michael W.Little Rock
Newcomb, Robert A.Little Rock
Patton, William L.Little Rock
Rather, Gordon S.Little Rock
Sewall, Frank B.Little Rock
Smith, Robert D.Little Rock
Stockburger, Jean D.Scottsboro
Vaden, Marcus L.Conway
Witherspoon, Carolyn B.Little Rock
Woodruff, Marsha C.Fayetteville
Woodruff, Ronald G.Fayetteville
Woods, Andrea GrimesConway
Worsham, Eric LanePine Bluff