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Sustaining Contributions

Sustaining Contributions are monetary contributions made in addition to membership that support Arkansas Bar Association programs.  Funds generated by our Patrons and Benefactors will allow the Association to continue to expand the programs and resources that we make available to our members. 

Become a Sustaining Contributor

Thank you to our recent Sustaining Contributors!

Below are members that have made sustaining contributions to the Arkansas Bar Association in the last 30 days.  Thank you to each of our Patrons and Benefactors.

Hatfield, Richard F.Little RockPatron Members - Annual
Sudduth, Mary BethFort SmithBenefactor Members - Annual
Thyer, CindyJonesboroPatron Members - Annual

Benefactors of the Arkansas Bar Association

Benefactors are members of the Arkansas Bar Association that have contributed $250 in addition to their regular membership dues.

Full NameCity
Allison, Mark H.Little Rock
Carpenter, Thomas M.Little Rock
Clark, Suzanne G.Fayetteville
Cosse, Steven A.El Dorado
Davis, Steven B.Harrison
Dudley, Robert H.Little Rock
East, JackLittle Rock
Estes, BobFayetteville
Eubanks, Brent J.Little Rock
Gibson, John F.Monticello
Goodner, DonaldWaldron
Guthrie, David F.El Dorado
Hargis, David MichaelLittle Rock
Harper, R. VictorStar City
Hickey, JosephEl Dorado
Keith, Paul W.Monticello
Kennedy, William H.Rogers
Lincoln, Charles KnoxLittle Rock
Mayton, Michael R.Little Rock
McKinney, Jerald CliffLittle Rock
Moffitt, Brandon K.Little Rock
Molleston, Margaret WoodwardSpring
Myers, Timothy J.Fayetteville
Nye, Debby ThetfordFayetteville
Owen, William L.Little Rock
Owens, William LanceJonesboro
Phelps, John V.Jonesboro
Purvis, Joseph H.Little Rock
Ramsay, Richard L.Little Rock
Rosenthal, Brian M.Little Rock
Scott, John R.Bentonville
Skokos, Ted C.Dallas
Sprott, James D.Harrison
Sudduth, Mary BethFort Smith
Taylor, W. H.Fayetteville
Thurman, Greg A.Eureka Springs
Waddell, William A.Little Rock
Walker, Danyelle J.Little Rock
Walker, Eddie H.Fort Smith
Whitaker, David J.Fayetteville
Womack, Tom D.Jonesboro
Wright, Susan WebberLittle Rock

Patrons of the Arkansas Bar Association

Patrons are members of the Arkansas Bar Association that have contributed $100 in addition to their regular membership dues. 

Full NameCity
Andreoli, Elizabeth AnnLittle Rock
Arnold, Ben F.Little Rock
Barber, Barry D.Prescott
Barnett, Melody PeacockWhite Hall
Beachboard, James PaulLittle Rock
Beard, Roy T.Little Rock
Beatty, David L.Lewisville
Benham, Paul B.Little Rock
Bingham, Michael StephenLittle Rock
Bird, Allen W.Little Rock
Bird, Samuel N.Little Rock
Bond, WillLittle Rock
Boswell, TedBryant
Bramblett, Eugene D.Camden
Branch, Robert BruceParagould
Briner, Fred E.Benton
Bristow, Bill W.Jonesboro
Burks, Larry W.Little Rock
Byrd, PaulLittle Rock
Cabe, Robert D.Little Rock
Camp, WorthEl Dorado
Campbell, Donald K.Little Rock
Chadick, Earl BuddyFayetteville
Colbert, Roger U.Paragould
Coleman, Charles T.Little Rock
Coleman, RandyLittle Rock
Comstock, Jon B.Rogers
Coulter, NateLittle Rock
Cox, James O.Fort Smith
Crockett, Michael A.Little Rock
Cross, Junius BracyLittle Rock
Crouch, James E.Springdale
Cullen, Tim J.Little Rock
Curry, F. Thomas "Tom"Arkadelphia
Daily, Thomas A.Fort Smith
Dawson, Robert T.Fort Smith
Deere, Beth M.Little Rock
Dugger, TerryLittle Rock
Eilbott, Don A.Little Rock
Eiseman, Byron M.Little Rock
Ferner, Laura KSpringdale
Foster, Lyle D.Little Rock
Fryar, Matthew L.Springdale
Gardner, Price C.Little Rock
Gibson, Buck C.Searcy
Gibson, Charles CliffordMonticello
Gibson, Pamela B.Benton
Gibson, Sam E.Benton
Giles, Greg R.Texarkana
Gill, John P.Little Rock