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The Board of Governors of the Arkansas Bar Association is composed of six officers, eighteen governors elected from districts, three appointed, at-large governors, and seven liaison non-voting members. The Board of Governors Chair is the presiding officer at Board Meetings.

Board of Governors

 MemberSuffixTitleDistrictTerm Ends
Perkins, BrantGovernor01-BG06/30/2019
Bell, Kandice A.Governor02-BG06/30/2021
McMenis, James E.Governor03-BG06/30/2020
Dalby, Carol C.Governor04-BG06/30/2021
Clary, Brian M.Governor05-BG06/30/2020
Thomas, Albert J.IIIGovernor06-BG06/30/2020
Chadick, Earl BuddyGovernor07-BG06/30/2019
McFadden, Joshua D.Governor08-BG06/30/2020
Woods, Andrea GrimesGovernor09-BG06/30/2021
Roe, Colby T.Governor10-BG06/30/2019
Chaney, Sterling TaylorGovernor11-BG06/30/2021
Veach, Robert M.Governor11-BG06/30/2021
Beachboard, James PaulGovernor12-BG06/30/2019
Carmichael, Chase AdamGovernor13-BG06/30/2021
Eubanks, Brent J.Governor14-BG06/30/2021
Henry, Robert (Skip) L.IIIGovernor15-BG06/30/2020
Stewart, Amy LeeGovernor16-BG06/30/2020
Cox, Grant M.Governor17-BG06/30/2019
Moffitt, Brandon K.Governor18-BG06/30/2019
Benson, Margaret HobbsGovernorAt-Large06/30/2021
Estes, BobGovernorAt-Large06/30/2019
Young, Harold WayneGovernorAt-Large06/30/2020

Ex-Officio with Voting Rights

 MemberSuffixTitleTerm Ends
McKinney, Jerald CliffIIChair of BOG06/30/2019
Jewell, Sarah CoppolaChair of YLS06/30/2019
Hilliard, Anthony A.Immediate Past President06/30/2019
Clark, Suzanne G.President06/30/2019
Rosenthal, Brian M.President-Elect06/30/2019
Keith, Paul W.President-Elect Designee06/30/2019
Hoggard, GlenSecretary06/30/2019
Kolb, Joseph F.Treasurer06/30/2019

Liaison Non-Voting Members

 MemberSuffixTitleTerm Ends
Harper, Jeff CAR District Judges Council Representative06/30/2019
Clawson, Charles E.Jr.AR Judicial Council Representative06/30/2019
Moore, Harry TrumanAssociation's Delegate to the ABA06/30/2019
Ramsay, Richard L.Association's Delegate to the ABA06/30/2020
Howard, Lori DChair of CLE Committee06/30/2019
Hutchins, Karen K.Executive Director06/30/2099
Squyres, Aaron L.Parliamentarian06/30/2019
Hendren, Jason B.President of the ABF06/30/2019