Welcome to the ArkBar Job Board!

Internal Policy of ArkBar Regarding Job Board
The Arkansas Bar Association (“ArkBar”) provides the job board as a benefit to its members to assist employers with connecting with job applicants. This job board is not a referral service, and ArkBar does not endorse any potential employers or applicants which use the job board. All screening, hiring, compensation and other employment issues are handled directly between the job seeker and the employer. ArkBar does not research the integrity of each organization or person that lists a job, nor does ArkBar perform background checks of applicants. Employers and applicants are encouraged to request references information as needed to establish qualifications, credentials, and the overall fit for any particular position.

All job listings are posted at the discretion of ArkBar. All job postings are subject to the review and approval of ArkBar.

It is the policy of ArkBar to have all job posters abide by all Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) standards, as well as other state and federal laws pertaining to the solicitation and employment of individuals.

Job posters and seekers must agree to abide by the Terms of Use developed by ArkBar prior to use of the job board.

Prior to a job being posted to the job board, ArkBar shall review the information contained in the proposed posting for any qualifying or disqualifying language concerning the prospective applicants which is based upon a protected class, which shall include, race, color, national origin, religion, gender, disability, age, genetic information, or sexual orientation. Any such posting of concern shall be directed to the attention of the Executive Director, who shall, in his or her discretion, consult with the Executive Director to address the proposed posting. Upon such posting being brought to the attention of the Executive Director, he or she shall provide the member that submitted the posting with an opportunity to modify the posting to address the Executive Director’s concerns. If the member refuses to modify the proposed posting to the satisfaction of the Executive Director, the posting shall not be posted to the job board.

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