Sustaining Contributions

Sustaining Contributions are monetary contributions made in addition to membership that support Arkansas Bar Association programs.  Funds generated by our Patrons and Benefactors will allow the Association to continue to expand the programs and resources that we make available to our members. 

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Thank you to our current Sustaining Contributors!

Below are members that have made sustaining contributions to the Arkansas Bar Association for the 2021-2022 bar year.  Thank you to each of our Patrons and Benefactors.

Customer ContactCityContribution Level
Andreoli, Elizabeth AnnLittle RockPatron Members - Annual
Arnold, Ben F.Little RockPatron Members - Annual
Baim, Kenneth B.Pine BluffPatron Members - Annual
Barber, Barry D.PrescottPatron Members - Annual
Barnett, Melody PeacockDermottPatron Members - Annual
Beatty, David L.LewisvillePatron Members - Annual
Benham, Paul B.Little RockPatron Members - Annual
Bennett, StephenSherwoodPatron Members - Annual
Bingham, Michael StephenLittle RockPatron Members - Annual
Bird, Samuel N.Little RockPatron Members - Annual
Blaney, Daniel C.MoroccoPatron Members - Annual
Bond, WillLittle RockPatron Members - Annual
Branch, Robert BruceParagouldPatron Members - Annual
Bridewell, LaurieLake VillagePatron Members - Annual
Briner, Fred E.BentonPatron Members - Annual
Bristow, Bill W.JonesboroPatron Members - Annual
Brogdon, Erin S.North Little RockPatron Members - Annual
Brooks, Evelyn E.FayettevillePatron Members - Monthly
Buchanan, Mickey JoeAshdownPatron Members - Annual
Byrd, J. PaulLittle RockPatron Members - Annual
Camp, WorthEl DoradoPatron Members - Annual
Carpenter, Thomas M.Little RockBenefactor Members - Annual
Carson, Joshua T.FayettevilleBenefactor Members - Annual
Carter, Susan Webber WrightLittle RockBenefactor Members - Annual
Cash, MitchMarshallPatron Members - Annual
Cassinelli, Erin E.Little RockPatron Members - Annual
Causey, Christopher ChadLittle RockPatron Members - Annual
Cearley, Robert MSteamboat SpringsPatron Members - Annual
Chadick, Earl BuddyFayettevilleBenefactor Members - Annual
Chumbler, LoriLowellPatron Members - Annual